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Payroll Services

Computing and running accurate and timely payroll is one of the critical requirements for a small business. Penalties for non compliance and late filings are a drag on the finances. Full service at OneidaBooks includes follow ups with you to get payroll data along with your Book Keeping and Accounting, if any, from you in time, computing and preparing payrolls, period tax forms and tax filings for you including providing electronic and/or paper records for your employees, contractors, federal and state agencies.

Payroll Benefits & Service Coverage


Our Cognitive and Software Automation Platform assists our Payroll Professional to help manage employee information, compute and prepare payrolls with benefits and deductions. Employees can Digitally access their pay slips and get paid with choice of Same Day Direct Deposits or paper checks. 


Be Worry Free with 1099 computations and payments for independent contractors. Our Full Service Professionals follow up for time records with you. We assess is the worker is 1099 or W2. 

Workers Comp

We help you be compliant with arranging, computing costs and managing documents for worker compensation insurance based on your payroll liabilities. Our partnerships and knowledge in workers comp area keeps you compliant and our Cognitive Platform helps develop insights to be effectively compliant.

Regulatory & Management Reports

Timely Payroll processing, tax forms preparation and tax filings are a must for small businesses. Which forms to fill? When to file them? Paying the taxes in time to the right place and agency are non trivial and could range from monthly to quarterly and yearly at various levels. Our Full Service for Payroll ensures that you execute your responsibilities with our help and assistance and keep 100% compliant.  

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